Open University History Society Lecture Day

The Society has organised a lecture day to take place in Birmingham on 1 September 2018. The day will consist of four talks – details below – by four eminent historians well versed in their respective fields of study.


1st September 2018


Hillscourt Conference Centre,Rose Hill, Rednal, Birmingham B45 8RS


Arrival and welcome by Societies Chair
10.30 a.m.
Anthony Poulton-Smith.
“Saxon Era”
11.30 a.m.
Don Chiswell.
“Henry V111 and the Reformation
12.45 p.m.
1.45 p.m.
Jenni Hyde.
“Singing the News”
2.45 p.m.
Edward Hammond
“The Napoleonic Wars at Home”
3.45 p.m.
David Skillen.
“Giants in the Sky”


Anthony Poulton-Smith

From Tamworth. Staffordshire

Anthony is a freelance journalist and author with 74 books and many articles under his name. His books are mainly centred around the subject of the origin of place names. ‘The Saxon Era’ looks at the legacy of the Saxon period – a so-called Dark Age that gave us a language, a system of government, many of the imperial measurements and much more.

Don Chiswell

Don is a teacher of history in Further Education with an interest in demolishing popular historical myths. He is currently engaged in researching for a book on Bosworth Field and also co-writing an history of Peterborough. ‘Henry V111 and the Reformation’ explores the question why Henry V111 made himself Supreme Head of the Church of England and participated the break with Rome, but still considered himself a Catholic. The Henrican Reformation was essentially political yet set in motion a series of events which led to the establishment of a Protestant Church of England

Jenni Hyde.

From Loughborough, Leicestershire

‘Singing the News’. Ballard in Tudor England

Edward Hammond

Son of the local historian and archaeologist Peter Hammond, Edward has a particular interest and passion in Napoleonic Wars and Ancient History. ‘The Napoleonic Wars at Home’ discusses the impact of The Napoleonic Wars on the domestic life in Nottinghamshire during the early 19 century with a focus on Luddites, The Pentrich Revolution and the debate around economic and political motives at the time

David Skillen.

From Belpher, Derbyshire

David is a professional speaker of many years experience. His interests include the American Civil War and the War of the Roses. ‘Giants in the Sky’ explores how in 1915 the first strategic bombing campaign started when Britains saw cigar shaped flying objects in the night skies. David will explain how these Zeppelins were built and how the Royal Navy, Royal Flying Corps and later the Royal Air Force defended Britain

Come along

The event is free to members and the cost to non-members is £25.00 spaces will be limited so please reserve your space by emailing the organiser Shiela Smith. Please advise of any dietary requirements. If you wish to stay overnight then rooms are available at you own cost by booking direct with Hillscourt.